The town of Calasetta is on the northern coastline and is the second largest on the island with around 2,750 inhabitants.

Calasetta is peaceful and quiet but at the same time is a thriving community offering all amenities and a lively, friendly atmosphere.


There are several supermarkets and a wide choice of fish, meat and bread shops. Wednesday morning sees the market set up around the port and here you can buy fresh fruit, cheeses, wines, oils and other local produce along with clothing and household items.

By day you can visit one of the three beautiful beaches, Sotto Torre, Salina or Grande, and soak up the sun and enjoy the clean, warm water. The sand is fine and soft and all three beaches are shallow for quite a distance and do not shelve deeply which makes them ideal for families with young children. All the beaches are curved and have rocks jutting out at both extremities, which, along with the crystal clear water make snorkeling a real pleasure.


At night Calasetta comes alive and the main street, Via Roma, is packed with people walking up and down or eating or drinking outside one of the many cafes or bars. The town square, Piazza Belly, throbs to the sound of music and all the local children playing in the centre as their parents sit chatting around the edge. The shops are open late and it is a better time to shop for some of the many local products which include coral jewelry and glassware.

Eating out is easy and cheap with restaurants to suit all tastes, moods and pockets. There are bars, cafes, pizzerias, some very good fish restaurants and several family run operations specialising in the local cuisine.